IoT Security


Spot and solve hidden threats within IoT solutions

The explosive growth of connected IoT devices enables the world’s digitization, but also dramatically increases the amount of security threats. You’ll use the latest technologies to perform vulnerability and risk assessments, then research and recommend risk mitigation strategies for common security threats in IoT systems.

More than ever, the world needs more skilled cybersecurity professionals. Adding IoT Security to your skillset differentiates you from all the other job candidates. Pair IoT Security with CyberOps Associate certification or the CCNA Security course and increase your employability with a deeper understanding of the anatomy of an attack and how to mitigate it.

You’ll learn these core skills:

  • Conduct end-to-end security assessments of IoT systems to demonstrate vulnerabilities.
  • Gain hands-on experience with IoT prototypes using a Raspberry Pi.
  • Recommend threat mitigation measures to minimize the risk in IoT solutions and networks.
  • Become proficient using real-world penetration and vulnerability testing tools such as Kali Linux.